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6 Sensible Steps to Selecting the Best Light Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are essential to any home or business. They provide illumination and add to the overall decor and ambience of the space. Choosing the right lighting may be daunting, especially since so many options are available in the market. This article will provide tips for choosing the best ones for your home or business before calling the pros for electrical installation.

Determine the Purpose of the Space 

First, figure out the purpose of the space. For example, if the space is a living room, consider ambient lighting, which provides a soft and warm glow. On the other hand, if the space is a kitchen or office, consider task lighting, which provides bright and focused light to help you perform tasks.

Consider the Size of the Space

The space size is an important factor to consider when choosing lighting. A small space will require a different type of lighting than a larger space. Smaller spaces require less lighting, while larger spaces require more lighting. It is also important to consider the height of the ceilings. Higher ceilings may require taller lighting fixtures or those that workers can adjust to hang lower.

Choose the Right Bulbs

Choosing the right bulbs is as important as choosing the proper lighting. The type of bulb you choose will affect the quality and colour of the light. LED bulbs are becoming popular because they are energy-efficient and have longer lifespans than traditional incandescent bulbs. 

Determine the Style of the Space

The space style is another important factor to consider when choosing lighting fixtures. You want the lighting fixtures to complement the decor of the space. For example, consider sleek and minimalistic types if the space has a modern style. On the other hand, if the space has a traditional style, consider more ornate and decorative ones.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency should be a consideration. Not only is it environmentally-friendly, but it can also help you save money on your energy bills. Look for lighting fixtures that are energy-efficient and have a high energy rating. In Australia, fixtures must meet minimum energy efficiency standards to ensure they are safe and energy-efficient.

Hire a Professional

If you need help choosing the best lighting fixtures for your home or business, consider hiring a professional. An electrician or lighting designer can help you choose the right ones based on your needs and budget. They can also ensure that the devices are installed safely and meet Australian electrical safety laws, as mentioned in the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules 3000:2018.

Consider Dimmers for Electrical Installation

Dimmers are a great addition to any lighting fixture. You can adjust the brightness of the light to suit your needs and create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.


Choosing the best lighting fixtures for your home or business requires careful consideration of the space, the purpose of the space, the style of the space, energy efficiency, and Australian electrical safety and laws. By following these sensible steps, you can choose the right ones that provide illumination and enhance the overall decor and ambience of the space.

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